Education and Placement

Why Nam Ying is the best Consultancy in Bhutan

At Nam Ying Education and Placement Firm, our team of consultants in Bhutan are here to manage the visa application process and communicate with the required government departments for you. Our company was established in 2022 with the key objective to serve the Education industry by providing end-to-end migration consultancy solutions to our esteemed clients.

We have the technological resources, expertise and experience in helping our clients get the best of our career counseling services without any setbacks or delays. We are an accredited career consultancy based in Bhutan dedicated to handling government procedures and helping our clients understand the rules and regulations of Australia’s programs related to study.

Why Nam Ying Education and Placement Firm
Australian Immigration legislation and policy is constantly changing and it is crucial to gain expert advice from only registered migration professionals in regards to visa applications, otherwise delays may occur with processing.At Nam Ying Migration you will receive professional advice, information and help at every step of the way.
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Our Aim
• To help international students and their families to.   • To provide a range of services.   • To represent the very best of what both government and educational institutions in Australia have to offer international clients.   • To develop appropriate off-shore strategic alliances to maximize market penetration and client service.   • To gather and disseminate market intelligence to partners, and provide advice regarding international Education and Placement Firm issues.
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